Góriz - 2200 m

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Access on foot, 4 hours from la pradera de Ordesa
Open all year
80 beds
Valle de Ordesa, Fanlo, Sobrarbe, Huesca
Tel.: 974 341 201 •

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Online booking
  • Reservation is essential. In addition, you can only reserve a camping place on those days when reservations inside are already full. Don't come without a reservation.
  • The reservation of each camping place is valid for one person. Keep in mind that you are not reserving a pitch or a tent, and that the cost per person is the same whether you are going to bivouac or pitch a tent.
  • In order to confirm your reservation it is necessary to pay an advance that varies depending on the services you reserve. When you arrive at the shelter you must pay, in cash or by card, the total amount of your reservation. Check here the rates.
  • At the end of the online booking process you will receive a confirmation email. Take it printed or downloaded on your mobile (there is no coverage in the area), in case the forest agents request it during the climb to the refuge.
  • The payment of the camping fee includes access to the toilets and a hot shower. You will also have a locker to leave your material during the day. You'll have to put down your garbage.
  • You must bring your own camping equipment (bag, mat, tent). If you prefer to carry less weight, the refuge has a tent rental service (at an additional cost to that of reserving the camping space). Check conditions on the web del refugio
  • Do not forget to check the weather consultar la meteo antes de subir y de traer el material adecuado para las condiciones previstas. Góriz está a 2200 metros de altitud, por lo que la temperatura nocturna puede ser baja incluso en verano.
  • All the members of your reservation must identify themselves , by means of their DNI or passport, upon arrival at the refuge. You will be assigned a camping point and an identifier; in case of having reserved dinner at the shelter, also the turn and table.
  • Camping is only authorized between one hour before sunset and one hour after sunrise , depending on the official timetables for the area provided by the National Geographic Institute. You will have this information at the shelter, and also on its website.
  • For changes to your reservation or for any questions write to or call 974 341 201


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  • Showers
  • Coffe-Bar
  • Lockers
  • Hot water
  • Meal service
  • Multiprupose classroom
  • Heating
  • Cooking place
  • Public Telephone
  • Blankets
  • Leisure footwear
  • Accessible
Precios persona/noche
Solo alojamiento
Federados* y recíprocos menores de 14 años
8,50 €
8,90 €
16,90 €
12,00 €
Federados* y recíprocos mayores de 14 años
17,00 €
8,90 €
16,90 €
12,00 €
No federados y no recíprocos menores de 14 años
11,50 €
10,00 €
18,70 €
13,00 €
No federados y no recíprocos mayores de 14 años
23,00 €
10,00 €
18,70 €
13,00 €
Precios válidos del 1 de Enero al 31 de Diciembre del 2022
Año 2022 IVA incluido. Precios orientativos

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Safe Mountain

Municipio Fanlo

05/10/2022 06/10/2022 07/10/2022 08/10/2022 09/10/2022
Sky conditions Poco nuboso Bruma Nuboso con lluvia escasa Muy nuboso con lluvia Intervalos nubosos
low/high (°C) 7°C/ 21°C 5°C/ 19°C 5°C/ 17°C 6°C/ 19°C 5°C/ 18°C
low/high wind real feel (RF ºC) 7°C / 21°C 4°C / 19°C 5°C / 17°C 6°C / 19°C 5°C / 18°C
Precip. prob. 0% 0% 90% 85% 45%
min./max. rel. hum. (RH%) 55%/100% 55%/100% 60%/100% 50%/100% 60%/100%
Wind SE 5km/h SE 5km/h SE 10km/h SE 10km/h S 5km/h
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Predicción de montaña. Pirineo Aragonés

Estado del cielo

Poco nuboso o despejado al inicio, aunque no se descartan brumas y bancos de niebla matinales. Crecerán algunas nubes de evolución diurna por la tarde, y en la divisoria con Francia se formarán nubes bajas tras el anochecer.


No se esperan.


No se esperan.


Con pocos cambios. Algunas heladas débiles matinales en las cimas.


Dominará el régimen de brisas.

Temperature and Real Feel (WC) in (ºC): Low (RF) High (RF)
Altitude Low Low (RF) High High (RF)
Canfranc 1160 m 14 14 21 21
Refugio de Respomuso 2200 m 9 8 13 13
Pico Bisaurín 2670 m 6 3 10 10
Bielsa 990 m 14 14 21 21
Refugio de Góriz 2215 m 9 8 12 12
Pico Aneto 3404 m 2 0 6 5
Atmospheric forecast
Altitud de la isoterma de 0 ºC en la atmósfera libre 4100 m
Altitud de la isoterma de -10 ºC en la atmósfera libre 5600 m
Viento en atmósfera libre a 1500 metros VRB 15 km/h
Viento en atmósfera libre a 3000 metros S 15 km/h
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The date indicated is the day on which the information, which corresponds to the weather during the 24 hours before 10 a.m. on the date indicated, was collected.

03/10/2022 30/09/2022 29/09/2022 28/09/2022 27/09/2022 26/09/2022 25/09/2022
Temp. max ºC 18 5 10 8.5 8 8 7
Temp. min ºC 7 -1 0.5 4 2 0.5 1
Precip. cantidad 0 0 0 0 0 4 2
Precip. forma - - - - - - -
Otros meteoros ventisca N Niebla Niebla ventisca N
Espesores cm. 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

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